“My Personal Positive Playlist”

Let Me Introduce Myself___(By Guest Blogger Laura Martin)

So here’s a little background about little me (no seriously, and I’m shrinking – according to Mr Tape Measure I’ve lost two precious inches).

My name is Laura, I’m an un-brushed blonde, 20 years of age, nominated spider-catcher, living in London with the absence of a goldfish that I so desperately want, and finally, I am on one year’s work placement as an Event Coordinator for my course at Bournemouth University.

So no longer a full time student, I have now thrown myself into the real world. Commuting, clocking in, clocking out, commuting, cooking and gardening apparently. Working over 40 hours a week is really enjoyable but very exhausting.

Every day I am presented with a new challenge that I haven’t yet experienced, which is really exciting but naturally, sometimes causes a little nervousness. Even though I’m loud (I even went to get my ears tested because people were genuinely complaining about my volume but turns out I just “project my voice” said the audiologist…) and outwardly confident, inside quite frankly I can be bricking it if the pressure’s on and I know I am representing a company. Once a meeting has finished its A-Okay and meeting new people is so refreshing, inspiring, opportunity-presenting…the list goes on! It’s just the initial fear, which is completely irrational really, it’s just that point when I say to myself “man up Laura” and before you know it you’re away! As Woody Allen said “80% of life is just turning up” – couldn’t flippin’ agree more Mr Allen, couldn’t agree more.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to test out a couple of techniques which deal with resilience or better known as bouncing back! (For when those fearful moments do occur). This pattern of thinking transforms negative situations (or what you perceive as to be negative) into more manageable situations by emphasising the good bits. Basically, the key is to thinking logically….

What is the best that can happen? What is the worst that could happen? And meet somewhere realistically in the middle.

I have realised that I become a little nervous in situations such as communicating with new clients because I am cautious of saying the wrong thingor making a mistake. For example, during my first week of my placement I had to read an email several times over to ensure I hadn’t made a spelling error or said something unprofessional.

Don’t get me wrong, you should perform your best and conduct behaviour(s) in a way that are appropriate in your environment, but if such a trivial thing was to occur as a misspelt word, that is an awful lot of my time and energy wasted over something that is really not very important in the grand scheme of things. I know I have the tendency to over-analyse and worry about things, so for me to sit back, reflect and think rationally is key to improving my mood and my work ethic. This is why the experiment is perfect for helping me develop my sense of ability and confidence.

After a spot of thinking, the 2 resilience techniques that I have chosen to test are

  1. “My Jar of Wonder”

This is simply popping a few thoughts about the great things I will have achieved in a day, in a jar. These scribbles on pieces of scrap paper will be tokens of congratulation to myself. I will break down these tokens into 2 categories: “Things that I am grateful for” and “Things I like about myself”.

2. “The Personal Positive Playlist”

This is just as it sounds, simply listening to tracks that are upbeat with positive lyrics. I will listen to them on my way to work and on the commute home to encourage positive thinking in my day. I will tell you about “My Personal positive playlist” in this post and write about “My Jar of Wonder” in the next.

Day 1

Here are a few of the songs that I chose to include in my Personal Positive Playlist:

  1. Bob Marley: “Don’t Worry Be Happy”/ “Three Little Birds”
  2. Yolanda Williams: “I Believe” (This song I actually used to listen to every day before I went to school when I was being bullied)
  3. Marvin Gaye: “Got To Give It Up”
  4. The Lighthouse Family: “Lifted”/ ”High”
  5. Bat For Lashes: “Laura” (A bit self-indulgent I know!)

Day 5

At this stage, I am already feeling more confident in myself.  The “Jar of Wonder” is definitely working and as for my music I found that some songs don’t particularly have to have any obvious positive message, but simply remind me of a sweet time that I have had. Consequently, many a morning did I look like a crazy lady on the first part of my commute with a silly grin or giggle to arouse suspicions among other passengers on the bus.

Day 10

 I’m feeling great, really positive and can’t wait for my journey into work!

Playing upbeat, happy and brilliant songs is invaluable. It takes no time, can be done whilst on-the-go and is enjoyable. Overall, I really recommend that everybody creates a Personal Positive Playlist and listens to it at the start of their day; on the way to school, college, work or dancing around your house in your pjs at breakfast time!


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